refugee resilience 

Discussions surrounding the ongoing conflict in Syria which have dominated international media coverage are very one sided and surface level. Totalizing narratives have overshadowed individual stories and no systematic collection of people’s experiences and histories has occurred. While documentation of human rights abuses and large-scale movements of populations in ongoing conflict situations are important, these narratives are only one part of the story.

Our project shifts the focus of regional and international conversation to the coping strategies and resilience of ordinary Syrians and presents another narrative. By refocusing the conversation on resilience and the lived experience of Syrians in different contexts, we take the long view to ramification of the ongoing conflict and aim to create an archive of living history.

We are working on a book including perspectives from Syrians on what the concept of “resilience” means to them, as well as an accompanying web-based interactive archive of stories and experiences. This living history archive also creates an ongoing monitoring mechanism which can be useful in post-conflict reconciliation, community memory, and even to hold perpetrators accountable in any future mechanisms of retribution or restoration.

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