Thinking Forward uses our work to develop and support community grounded projects.

We use a social enterprise model to raise funds through our research and consultancy efforts to be able to incubate innovative and complex projects on migration and human rights.  

Refugee Resilience and the Syrian COnflict

Narratives surrounding the ongoing conflict in Syria which have dominated international media coverage overshadow individual stories. Our project shifts the focus of regional and international conversations to the coping strategies and resilience of ordinary Syrians and presents another narrative. By refocusing the conversation on resilience and the lived experiences of Syrians in different contexts, we take the long view to ramification of the conflict to create an archive of living history.

Access to Justice and Immigration Detention

Across the world, the increasing criminalization of migration has placed thousands of people in immigration detention. Since 2013, we have been researching how the Canadian immigration detention system curtails access to justice for detainees, limiting access to counsel, healthcare services, and community supports. The current system is costly and ineffective, inviting serious human rights abuses.

Technology, Immigration, and Human Rights

How are new technologies like artificial intelligence, big data, and algorithms changing people’s immigration experiences? As governments introduce innovative new ways to control borders, streamline applications, and monitor migration, these technologies have profound impacts on people’s human rights.

removing barriers to university education

Students wishing to attend post-secondary education are often not able to do so because of their precarious immigration status. How can Canadian universities do better?

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