We are committed to working on migration and human rights issues from a collaborative perspective. 

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Petra Molnar


Petra Molnar is a refugee lawyer and researcher based in Toronto, Canada. She is a former refugee settlement worker who has researched forced migration issues in Canada and internationally including immigration detention, health and human rights, and gender-based violence. She is currently working on a book on resilience in the face of the Syrian conflict.

L.L.M Master of Laws Candidate, University of Cambridge
Juris Doctorate, University of Toronto Faculty of Law
Master of Arts, Social Anthropology, York University

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stephanie j. silverman


Stephanie J. Silverman is a sociolegal researcher, writer, and university educator based in Toronto, Canada. She holds a DPhil/PhD in Politics from the University of Oxford where she studied as a Commonwealth Scholar. An international expert in immigration detention, her collaborative, transnational research on migration, law, and human rights has been published widely across scholarly and popular venues. 

DPhil/PhD, Political Theory, University of Oxford
Master of Arts, Political Science, York University
Honours Bachelor of Arts, University of Toronto

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